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Spectros (140 IU kit) - INTL & US domestic


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Buy Spectros 140 IU

140 IU Kit – 10 Vials Of 14 IU

You Can Verify Spectros On The Spectrum Pharma Website

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Stimulates Lean Muscle Growth

Promotes Fat Loss

Increases Strength

Spectros 140 IU info

  • Produced By Spectrum Pharma. This company was founded in 2009. Spectrum Pharma has a reputation for selling high-quality, pure products. This is the brand you want to use if you’re a bodybuilder or athlete.
  • Quantity – 10 Vials Of 14 IU. Ideal for achieving the muscle mass bodybuilders and many athletes are looking for. 
  • Price – $220. Remember, if you buy 3+ kits from, shipping is free!
  • Pure – Spectrum Pharma makes high quality, pure HGH. 
  • Delivery Time Within 7-12 days. You will receive your order within 7-12 days after you place it with The shipping cost is $30. However, we will ship it for free if you order 3+ kits. In rare cases and during periods of postal overloads, shipping could take up to three weeks.

How Spectros Works

HGH, or human growth hormone, is a natural hormone that is highly anabolic. This powerful hormone controls several essential functions in the body. These functions include growth and development, especially lean muscle growth. HGH also controls the metabolism of protein, carbohydrates, and fats. Additionally, it’s involved in cell production and regeneration.

Typically, the pituitary gland produces enough HGH to meet the body’s needs. But sometimes this gland  is unable to consistently produce an adequate amount. This causes growth deficiency. On top of that, natural production of HGH decreases as we age. These two problems contribute to the effects of aging. These effects include fat gain, loss of muscle mass, and skin problems.

Spectros is a recombinant human growth hormone. Its purpose is to increase levels of HGH in the body. Fundamentally, it will replace what the body can no longer make on its own. Scientists discovered synthetic HGH in the early 1980s. It is manufactured to be virtually identical to natural growth hormone. This is done by replicating its DNA structure. The premium quality of Spectros proves that using synthetic HGH can be highly effective in normalizing the level of growth hormone in the body.


The Benefits Of Spectros

  • Muscle Growth – Taking Spectros will be extremely beneficial for lean muscle growth and strength. This makes it ideal for bodybuilders. It’s also ideal for any athlete whose sport demands increased muscle mass and strength. 
  • Fat Loss – This relates directly to the previous benefits. Spectros will decrease belly fat. Also, it will help you lose excess fat over your entire body. This means you will achieve a lean, muscular physique. 

How To Take Spectros

    • Inject It Twice Per Day – Use 14 IU per day divided into two daily injections. Adding insulin is suggested when using higher doses of HGH. 
  • Follow A 3-4 Month Cycle – The typical cycle of Spectros should run 3-4 months. Follow with an equal length off-cycle. 


The premium quality of Spectros make it one of the best HGH brands on the market, especially for bodybuilders and athletes. 

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