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Hygetropin (100 IU kit)


Hygetropin (10 vials*10 IU)

Purity – 96.95 %

HGH contain – 9.02 IU/vial

If you order 3+ kits we also offer free shipping.
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Hygetropin (10 vials*10 IU)

You can verify your box on (the code for verification is a symbols combination which can be found under the scratch line).

Purity – 96.95 %

HGH contain – 9.02 IU/vial

You can check lab tests by yourself by the link –

BUY Hygetropin – the cheapest official HGH:

  • GMP certificate. Hygetropin got this certificate in 2006. GMP standard is a guarantee of the high quality because it’s a proof that HGH can be sold and applied in China.
  • Long history. Zhongshan BioPharm, where Hygetropin is produced, starts its history in 1995.
  • Hygetropin was first produced in 2001.
  • Good reputation. This HGH is among the most popular ones in the bodybuilders’ world because of its great quality and relatively low price.
  • Low price (170$ for 100 IUs). Hygetropin for sale tends to be 40% less expensive then Jintropin and 20% cheaper than Ansomone. This fact allows you to spend less money and get a bigger amount of HGH.
  • Hygetropin is very popular among customers, so you can be sure that the product you get is fresh and unspoiled.
  • Security system. Each Hygetropin kit is provided with a sticker that has a unique code. The opportunity of verification the quality on the official web page gives you the guarantees that you bought an original product.
  • Freeze dried technology. This process stabilizes the structure of a growth hormone and lets it stay fresh as long as possible.

What Hygetropin result should I expect?

  • It develops your muscle structure.
  • Allows you to increase the strength of your lean muscles and burns the fat at the same time.
  • Improves your skin.
  • Helps your joints.

Buy Hygetropin in our shop!

  • We offer you the best price you could hope for – 170 $ for 100 IUs kit.
  • We assure you of the quality of the HGH we provide you with.
  • Great shipping – you’ll get your order within 7 days (rarely — up to three weeks), and the price is only 30$.
  • Free shipping on orders of 3 and more kits.
  • Free advice and consultations.
  • Fast and professional customer support.

Real Hygetropin price

The price can vary depending on the number of kits you buy. For example, 1 or 2 Hygetropin packs would cost you 280$ for a kit. However, if you bought 1000 kits, the price would be 90$ for a kit.

Most sellers get to sell the kits in smaller volume to resell it at higher prices. This explains the big gradation of the prices on the market. We, for instance, receive Hygetropin from a big supplier, and it allows us to offer you better and lower prices – only 170$ for 100 IUs.

We offer you the cheapest qualitative Hygetropin on the market.

How to use Hygetropin?

You can easily find informative and useful articles about HGH on our website.

If you aim to significantly develop your muscle structure and better your body, you should take HGH for 2-3 months to get visible results. You can recognize the first changes in 2 weeks of everyday usage.

Hygetropin dosage depends on your goal.

In order to heal your joints and refine your skin, 1-2 IUs per day would be enough.

If your aim is to burn fat, your daily dose should be 4 IUs.

If you want to grow the muscles, you should take 5-15 IUs per day. The average amount is 6-8 IUs.

You can check our certificates HERE
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