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Quality of HygetropinHygetropin

  • Pharmaceutical grade. ability to sell this product on Chinese domestic market for healing purposes such as healing children with GH deficiency, people with burns and bone injures. These scopes are controlled by the state, so Hygetropin quality is guaranteed.
  • GMP sertificate. As you can see on the picture Hygene Biopharm has obtained GMP SFDA certification, which shows that Hygetropin is produced due to international standards of medicines quality.
  • Purity 95-97 %. Purity measures the quantity of somatropin in the substance after it was cleared of bacterial residue. The higher is purity, the better is growth hormone. Purity of Hygetropin is about 96 %, which is great. For example, most of growth hormone available now on the market contain 10-20 % of extra substances.HGH for sale
  • Blood serum test. People that pass blood serum test after Hygetropin injection of 10 IU have numbers of 10-20 ng/ml – that is 5-10 times higher than reference! The result depends on your weight, age, injection time, etc.
  • Due to low manufacturing expenses in China, Hygetropin costs much less than Genotropin, Norditropin and other brands.

Hygetropin effects

Hygetropin possesses the same effects as any other HGH:

  • Increases muscle mass. Growth hormone give you unique ability to gain clean muscles without fat. So, you wont have problem with muscle loss on cutting – you just don’t need it, if you take HGH.
  • Increases quantity of muscle cells. HGH can induce division of muscle cell on two smaller ones, thus allowing you to enlarge them again by hypertrophy. In this way, you increase your muscle building potential, which depends on the quantity of the skeletal muscle cells.
  • Your gains wont go away after the cycle. Unlike steroids, HGH gives you permanent gains, that wont be lost after the cycle ends.
  • Fat loss. HGH change the energy source of the organism  – from carbohydrates to fats. As the result, you will lose your fat on HGH cycle. The effect will be seen after the first 2-3 weeks. Loss of fat will be stronger in belly area.
  • Improves skin, joints, ligaments and bones. These benefits are connected with accelerated collagen production induced by the growth hormone.
  • Improves sleep. Growth hormone make the sleep deeper, which is great for bodybuilding purposes.

Hygetropin reviews

People that use Hyge, notice such advantages of this HGH:

  • Improvement in physique after the cycle is great, so people are satisfied with Hygetropin results.
  • Low price. Hyges price is low and this means, you can afford to take more HGH and obtain better results.
  • Mild side effects. As Hygetropin has high purity, its side effects are milder than in “dirty» HGH brands of underground origin. However, the side effects exist and you should consider them.

Hygetropin results

Everyone, who is going to try growth hormone is interested in the estimated results of the cycle. If we measure results as weight, you will gain about 10-15 lbs of muscles and lose the same amount of fat on 3 month cycle at 5-7 IU.

This result is rough and can be achieved only with proper diet and training. About these factors you can read further.

How to use Hygetropin?

  • Make subcutaneous injections with insulin syringe. This type of injections shows higher bioavalability.
  • Divide your dosage on 2 injections. Do first injection in the morning fasting and second 6-8 hours later.
  • Store dissolved HGH in fridge at 2-8 degrees.
  • Keep injection hygiene.

You can combine HGH with insulin and anabolic steroids to increase efficacy and obtain synergy effect.

Insulin (5-15 IU) need to be taken 30 minutes after the Hygetropin injection.

Steroids. The best idea is to combine HGH with testosterone cypionate or enanthate (250-750 mg) or oral steroid like Dbol. However, you can combine HGH with any steroid.

Also, Hygetropin combines well with steroids that have fat burning potential – Anavar, Winstrol, etc.

Hygetropin dosage.

Strength of effects depends on dosage you choose. Choosing it, consider you health state, experience, purpose and financial opportunities.

The minimal effective dosage for bodybuilding benefits is 4 IUs. At this dose you will see fat loss and increase in muscle mass, but not comparable to steroids. However, gains wont be lost after the cycle.

For more significant muscle mass gain, you should take 5-15 IUs daily. This amount shows really great results.

Side effects of Hygetropin

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome. Numbing and slight pain in fingers and wristles, caused by temporary swelling.
  • Water retention. This effect is caused by misbalance in vasopersin metabolism and sodium retention, which leads to water retention.
  • Risk of diabetes. As HGH increases blood sugar level and makes pancreas to work harder, it can lead to diabetes, if you already had problems with blood sugar level before the cycle. However, to protect yourself from this side effect, pass blood sugar test before starting HGH usage. Also, if you exaggerate 10 IUs dosage, include synthetic insulin to your cycle.
  • Cancer acceleration. Growth hormone can accelerate cancer if it already exists, however, it cant induce tumor occurring.

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