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HGH For Anti-Aging. Does HGH slow aging?
by: Jorge Coronel Sanz

HGH and Anti-Aging

When the talk turns to getting older, one thing is certain, aging is not something anyone looks forward to. We’ve all heard the story of Ponce de León, the conquistador that searched for the mythical “Fountain of Youth”. Fast forward to today, and how many celebrities pay thousands to look younger? Recapturing the glory of their youth is their only priority. Many of them do it through cosmetic surgery. The real answer is HGH, not surgery. I have talked about Rocky and his use of HGH before, but it goes without saying when Sly Stallone filmed the “Rocky Balboa” movie, no one could believe a man of his age could look that good. HGH was his “secret”, and it can be your answer as well. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about HGH for anti-aging.

What Is HGH

Natural HGH is one of several anabolic hormones the body produces. It’s important to remember that the word “anabolic” refers to the positive aspects of metabolism. One of the functions of HGH is to stimulate overall growth, both developmental and muscle growth. This is one reason it’s clinically used to help children suffering from abnormally short stature. It also stimulates fat loss, promotes skin regeneration, and supports joint health. HGH binds to receptors on the surface of liver cells. This stimulates them to release IGF-1 or insulin-like growth factor-1. Like HGH, IGF-1 is also a protein hormone. IGF-1 is responsible for many of the effects of HGH, such as increasing the rate of amino acid uptake by muscle cells and cartilage cells. (1) As we begin to age, natural levels decline. This process begins in the 20s. 

What Is Aging?

Before we look at HGH for anti-aging, let’s define what aging is: “progressive physiological changes in an organism that lead to a decline of biological functions and of the organism’s ability to adapt to metabolic stress”. (2) Put in more practical terms, aging represents several negative events that happen to us over several decades. Our skin and hair show the signs of aging, we start to lose muscle mass, and in its place, we gain body fat. Our joints hurt more than they used to. Believe me, if you’re a bodybuilder and are used to lifting heavy weights, that will change quickly when you reach a certain age! If that’s not enough, your cognitive function begins to decline as well. 

HGH (Human Growth Hormone) For Anti-Aging

Does it have to be this way? Sure. let’s face it, aging is inevitable. However, we can do it much slower than our body might think, and we can do it with dignity. This is why HGH has become an effective anti-aging drug in the last several years. HGH can dramatically slow the negative effects and appearance of aging, so you look and feel younger. (3, 4)

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Let’s look more closely at the benefits of HGH for anti-aging:

HGH Supports Muscle Growth

HGH stimulates muscle growth by accelerating protein synthesis and promoting muscle cell division. Even if you don’t work out intensely, you can still experience this benefit. Of course, you will get the best results if you train intensely and eat appropriately. 

HGH Stimulates Fat Loss

HGH triggers fat loss by transporting stored fat to the mitochondria, where it can be used as energy by the body. The great thing about these first two benefits, especially for bodybuilders/athletes/fitness enthusiasts, is that they happen simultaneously. If anti-aging is your goal, then you’re eating right and exercising, therefore, these benefits make a big difference in your results.

HGH Supports Skin Regeneration

HGH improves the health and appearance of your skin. HGH can enhance the skin because it supports the synthesis of elastin and collagen. It also improves the skin’s elasticity. This helps the skin look younger and healthier. 

Human Growth Hormone Promotes Healthy Cartilage & Joints

The joints consist mainly of collagen and elastin. HGH increases the rate of collagen and elastin synthesis, thereby stimulating joint repair, enhanced healing, and improved mobility.

HGH Supports Bone Density

The medical definition of bone density, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, is: “the amount of mineral content per unit volume of bone”. Low bone density is known as osteoporosis, a condition where your bones have become weak. HGH improves bone density by increasing collagen and osteocalcin levels. Of course, strong bones are an important part of slowing the aging process. 

HGH Promotes Immune System Health

HGH can also benefit the immune system. Immune cells have IGF receptors, which means they can be influenced by HGH. (5) Briefly, the types of immune cells are: 

  • T-cells – This is a type of white blood cell that is an important component of the immune system. 
  • B-cells – These cells mature in bone marrow and are also a type of white blood cell.
  • NK-cells – These cells are also known as natural killer cells. All of these cells help protect the body from illness. 

    HGH Promotes Sleep Quality
    Getting consistent, quality sleep is vital. Sleep is restorative, poor sleep reflects itself in how you look and feel. Quality sleep supports productivity, alertness, enhances recovery, and supports muscle growth, especially if you are a bodybuilder or athlete.

HGH Dosing/Frequency/Cycle Protocol For Anti-Aging 

Suggested HGH Dosages

The dose you should use is based on your goals: 

  • For Anti-Aging – 1-3 IU/day
  • For Fat Loss – 2-4 IUs per day
  • For Muscle Growth & Bodybuilding/Athletics/Fitness – 4-8 IU/day 
  •  The High End For Bodybuilders and Athletes – 8-15 IUs

Frequency Of Use (ED, EOD, 5/2)

The typical frequency of HGH use is: 

  • ED, or Every Day – This is the most common frequency. Daily use provides consistent levels of HGH. 
  • EOD, or Every Other Day) – This is the best budget choice. To get the same effects that daily HGH provides, it should be used with a longer cycle. 
  • 5/2 – This approach is the best choice for people that use HGH for years at a time. Two off-days each week reduces side effects.

Daily Dosing Protocol

Two doses per day are the best way to go for the following reasons:

  • Two injections a day will provide consistent levels of HGH and IGF-1.
  • Two injections are easier for the liver to process.
  • Any potential side effects will be noticeably milder.

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General Cycle Options 

In terms of the options of HGH cycle length, there are two basic protocols:

  • A 1-2 month cycle – This is the best cycle for anti-aging, skin regeneration, cartilage synthesis, and joint health.
  • A 4-6 month cycle – This is the best cycle for bodybuilders/athletes.

Example Cycles

Here are examples of HGH cycles for anti-aging. The following examples illustrate an 8 week and a 12-week cycle. The suggested dose for either a man or woman for anti-aging and is 2-3IUs.

Option 1: 
  • Weeks 1-4 – 2IUs once per day in the morning
  • Weeks 5-6: 2.5IUs once per day in the morning
  • Weeks 7-8: 3IUs per day as follows: 2 x 1.5IU injections, once in the morning and once in the evening

Here is a 12-week cycle for anti-aging:

Option 2:
  • Weeks 1-4: 2IUs once per day in the morning
  • Weeks 5-8: 2.5IUs once per day in the morning
  • Weeks 8-12: 3IUs per day as follows: 2 x 1.5IU injections, once in the morning and once in the evening
Option 3

Of course, you can simply take the full dosage twice per day (AM and PM) for the entire length of the cycle. 

Is HGH For Anti-Aging For You?

There may be some questions about whether or not HGH is the right way to go to battle aging. After all, it’s a drug, aren’t their side effects? We’ve all seen the drug ads on TV where the sides are much worse than the benefit, right? What good is a drug like that? Human Growth Hormone does not work that way. The sides are mild and largely temporary. As an example, one side effect is excess water retention, which can be managed. The bottom line is, we all want to be young again. We want to feel young, look young, and be able to enjoy life. Imagine the muscle mass you had when you were younger, or the clear, smooth glowing skin you had. HGH is the way to get it back!

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