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HGH Dosage – How Much HGH Should You Take Per Day
by: Jorge Coronel Sanz

HGH Dosage

One of the biggest questions asked by individuals that have never used HGH before is how to choose the correct dosage. Specifically, the question is, when it comes to HGH dosage – how much should you take per day? Several factors need to be looked at, and in this article, we will look at each of these factors and give you the answer. Let’s get started!

HGH Dosage for Women

The correct human growth hormone (HGH) dosage is important for women using this product. Although some people may need it, starting with 1-2 IU (international units) per day is recommended. Changes should be made based on the feedback we receive. Women should consult their physician to determine a HGH dosage appropriate for their health goals, including age, weight, and overall health. Be attentive to your feelings; contact a consultant if there are any changes. Remember that exceeding the dosage entails serious side effects. If you use the drug correctly, you can achieve the result you are looking for. It is much better when treatment brings positive results than problems.

HGH Dosage for Men

What matters is the correct dosage of HGH for men and boys to achieve maximum effect. For beginners, any amount from 2 to 4 IU per day will be adjusted based on the individual’s response and progress toward goals. Working as a healthcare professional is essential to developing a balanced diet appropriate for age, body composition, and health status. Management and regular monitoring to ensure the effectiveness and safety of treatment for men. Therefore, this treatment is suitable for everyone. Take care of yourself and your health, consult your doctors, and adhere to the correct dosage. When the medicine is used correctly, you can achieve the desired results. The benefits of treatment outweigh the problems.

HGH dosage depends on Your Goals

When it comes to the question of HGH dosage – how much should you take each day, one of the most important aspects is your goals. While it is true that HGH has the same benefits regardless of the dose, you can experience more intense benefits and improved results by using the right dose for the goals you have set.

The kinds of HGH dosage depending on bodybuilding goal:

  • hgh dosage for muscle gain
  • hgh dosage for anti aging
  • hgh dosage for fat loss

Dosing Protocol

This is the generally accepted dosing protocol:

2-3 IUs – Anti-Aging, Cosmetic, Joint Support, and Bone Health

4-8 IUs – Average first-time dose for bodybuilding. You can expect lean muscle gain and fat loss

8-15 IUs – Intermediate to advanced dose for bodybuilding/athletics. As this dose range gets to or goes above 15 IU’s, it translates to abuse levels with significant side effects

It needs to be remembered that your results are not just a reflection of how much Human Growth Hormone you use, they will also depend on your training and diet. If you are interested in anti-aging or cosmetic purposes, training is a non-issue but your diet is still important. If you have not decided on a brand of HGH yet, visit to look over the best brands at the best prices anywhere on the net.

Human Growth Hormone Dosage

One factor in the results you get from using HGH depends on your goals. If you are a bodybuilder or athlete, your dose will depend on previous experience, if any, with Human Growth Hormone. As suggested above, first-time users should use a lower dose. As you become more experienced, you can increase the dosage. Experienced bodybuilders and athletes will use a higher dose. If you are using HGH for anti-aging or cosmetic purposes, your dosage should stay in the 2-3 IU range.

hgh dosage

HGH dosage depends on Cycle Duration

In terms of cycle duration, there are typically two types of HGH dosage:

  • A short cycle of 1-2 months. This supports skin regeneration, cartilage synthesis, and joint health.
  • A Long cycle of 4-6 months. This is the optimal length and should be followed by an off-cycle of the same length. This is the typical length for bodybuilders/athletes.

Human Growth Hormone Frequency Of Use Protocol (ED, EOD, 3TW, 5/2)

There are 4 frequency protocols concerning Human Growth Hormone use. (1) They are as follows:

  • ED (every day) – This is a common frequency of use because it provides a consistent level of HGH. This is the best choice but it’s also the most expensive.
  • EOD (every other day) – This is a better choice if your budget is the primary factor. This frequency should be used with a longer cycle to get results comparable to ED use.
  • 3TW – This is the frequency used in medicine to treat GH-deficient children. 
  • 5/2 – This frequency is a good choice for people that use HGH for several years at a time. A two day break every week limits side effects.

Daily Dosing Protocol

The answer to the question of HGH dosage – how much should you take per day is answered here. There are two options: you can take one big dose or two smaller doses per day.

Two doses per day is the best choice for the following reasons:

  • Two injections a day provide a constant level of HGH and IGF-1. This means your body will experience the effects consistently over the entire day. 
  • Two injections are easier for the liver to process.
  • Any potential side effects will be milder.

Daily Human Growth Hormone Dosing Examples

Many customers are using HGH for anti-aging and skin regeneration. For these customers, an 8-12 week hgh cycle dosage is a good choice. The following examples use both an 8 week and 12-week cycle with the suggested dosage is 2-3 IUs. 

There are a couple of options for HGH dosages bodybuilding on a per-week basis. The first option is to start with 2 IUs and work up to 3 IUs:

  • Weeks 1-4:

2 IUs – One dose in the AM, one in the PM (or, 8 hours later)

  • Weeks 5-6:

2.5 IUs – One dose in the AM, one in the PM (or, 8 hours later)

  • Weeks 7-8:

3 IUs – One dose in the AM, one in the PM (or, 8 hours later)

If you’re using a 2-week cycle, one way to do it is as follows:

  • Weeks 1-4:

2 IUs – One dose in the AM, one in the PM (or, 8 hours later)

  • Weeks 5-8:

2.5 IUs – One dose in the AM, one in the PM (or, 8 hours later)

  • Weeks 8-12:

3 IUs – One dose in the AM, one in the PM (or, 8 hours later)

Another option primarily used by bodybuilders and athletes would be as follows:

Use 3-4IUs per day divided into two injections (AM & PM) for all 8-12 weeks. The dosage will be determined by users, for example, if they are new, they may want to start at 3 IUs. They have the option to increase to 4 IUs at any time. The more adventurous new users will more than likely jump right into 4 IUs.

For bodybuilders that want to stack HGH with other drugs, see the following information:

HGH Side Effects

Side effects should also be considered before you begin an HGH (Human Growth Hormone) cycle. The most common side effects are:

  • Water Retention – HGH can cause excess water retention in the feet, fingers, and face. This is not as bad as it might seem because it indicates good quality Human Growth Hormone. You can control this side effect by drinking a lot of water, limiting sodium, and using a natural diuretic if needed. (2)
  • Carpal Tunnel – This is a temporary effect. If you experience numbness in the wrists and fingers, try drinking a lot of water, and use a good multi with extra B6. This side effect goes away, especially if you decrease excess water retention.
  • Blood Sugar – Before starting HGH use, you must pass the blood test to find out the level of your blood sugar or take the glucose tolerance test. If your test result shows 4-6 mmol/l, you can use as much as 10 IUs of HGH. If you go over 20 IUs. you will have to add insulin to your program. Also, if your immediate relatives have diabetes, do not use HGH. don’t take growth hormone if your close relatives have diabetes. (3)
  • High Blood Pressure – HGH can increase blood pressure, so if you have any problems with your blood pressure, you should choose the best brands of HGH such as Jintropin or Ansomone. These cause milder side effects, and if you increase your dosage gradually as suggested in the dosing examples presented above, your side effects will be milder.

HGH Dosage – Cost Considerations

Let’s face it, HGH (Human Growth Hormone) can be an expensive drug. As is the case with most things, the amount of HGH you can take is by home much you can afford. Therefore, you should choose HGH with the best cost-to-quality ratio.

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