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HGH Benefits. What are the benefits of HGH?
by: Jorge Coronel Sanz

HGH Benefits

HGH has become popular in bodybuilding, athletics, and among people that want to experience an improved quality of life. The reason is simple – HGH offers dramatic results. When it comes to muscle mass, fat loss, healthy cartilage, healthy skin and cognitive functioning, HGH can be the answer. This article will look at the numerous HGH benefits. Once you’ve read this article and discovered the numerous benefits of HGH, take a look at our HGH for sale brands.

Before we begin, let’s review what HGH is:

  • HGH is a protein (or, polypeptide) hormone made up of 191 amino acids 
  • HGH is produced and secreted by the anterior pituitary gland
  • HGH is secreted every 3-5 hours with up to 70% of the day’s concentration being released at night from 11 pm to about 2 am
  • HGH binds to receptors on the surface of liver cells which stimulates them to release IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor-1). IGF-1 is a protein hormone that’s similar in structure to insulin. 
  • IGF-1 is responsible for many of the effects of HGH
  • Synthetic, or recombinant HGH is manufactured by recombinant DNA technology. This means that it’s made synthetically in a lab and that it’s identical to real HGH.

Human Growth Hormone Benefits – Muscle Growth

hgh benefits

One of the major HGH benefits is muscle growth. This is one of the primary reasons it’s so popular among bodybuilders. When it comes to bodybuilding, size has always been king. Sure, many bodybuilders aspire to the symmetrical, Frank Zane-type look. Yet even Zane wanted to be as big as he possibly could be for his frame. While there were some really big guys in Zane’s heyday (Arnold), by the ’80s and 90’s guys were coming in bigger than ever. Of course, fast forward to today, and they can’t get much bigger. HGH is one of the reasons why.

So, how does HGH affect muscle growth? 

One way is by IGF-1. This is the result of the conversion of HGH in the liver into IGF-1. IGF-1 then attaches to muscle cell receptors in skeletal muscle tissue and stimulates protein synthesis. The term “protein synthesis” has become common in bodybuilding. This is an exciting concept and can be defined as a fundamental biological process by which individual cells build their specific proteins (1,2). You can think of this as the synthesis of new muscle. In fact, protein synthesis can be thought of as the process that pulls the trigger on muscle growth.

Another way HGH affects muscle growth is by a process known as hyperplasia. This term can be defined as “an increase in the number of cells within a given tissue as a result of cellular proliferation”. (3) Once a muscle cell reaches a certain size, it divides into smaller muscle cells. This process of cell division is one of the main effects of HGH on muscle growth and can help propel your genetics to a new level. 

hgh benefits

Of course, if you’re using HGH to help you achieve your bodybuilding goals, you’ll want to follow the proper protocols. This means that you should not subscribe to the common bodybuilding mindset of “more is better”. In other words, don’t abuse HGH. If you’ve seen the recent pro bodybuilders, you no doubt have found yourself focused on one thing: the size of their guts. You want to look good, with more size and less fat. You don’t want to look pregnant. Follow the proper HGH dosing and suggested frequency, train consistently hard, and eat right. Don’t try to achieve in 1 month what may take 3-4 months. Do it right, and it’ll be worth the wait.

HGH Benefits – Anti Catabolic Properties

Human Growth Hormone benefits regarding catabolism are impressive. Cortisol is the primary catabolic hormone that’s released in times of stress. This stress includes physical stress, such as caused by intense workouts. HGH reduces catabolism and helps prevent muscle protein breakdown that can be caused by being in a catabolic state. (4, 5)

Human Growth Hormone Benefits For Fat Loss

How does HGH benefit fat loss? One way is the use of stored fat as fuel by the body. HGH also increases the body’s metabolic rate, which in turn burns more calories. Research has shown that HGH (Human Growth Hormone) can help reduce body fat and at the same time increase muscle mass. (6) This is important because more muscle means more calories are required to maintain it. If muscle burns more calories, you will lose more fat. While it’s possible to lose fat without following a solid eating plan when using HGH, most bodybuilders typically eat clean all year long. 

HGH for fat loss goes beyond bodybuilding. People that use HGH as an anti-aging therapy also experience impressive fat loss as well as lean muscle gains. Here’s a look at a study conducted on the effects of HGH on body composition. In this case, the test subjects were elderly men 61-80 years old. The test subjects were given 3 injections of HGH per week at a dose of 5mg/day. As a control, 9 elderly men received a placebo. (7) The results included:

  • A 14% decrease in body fat 
  • An 8.8% increase in lean body mass
  • Increased bone density 

As you can see, even if you’re not a bodybuilder, you can experience impressive quality of life results from using HGH.

What Benefits Can You Expect From A HGH Cycle?

HGH, especially combined with other anabolic protocols (for example, high protein diet and training) can lead to an impressive amount of new muscle mass. At the same time, it can reduce catabolism. That makes HGH both anabolic and anti-catabolic. When it comes to bodybuilding, it doesn’t get much better than that! 

So, in terms of bodybuilding, what can you expect from a cycle of HGH (Human Growth Hormone)? On average, if you use 5 IU/day for a typical 4-6 month cycle, you can expect to gain about 10-15 lbs of lean muscle and lose about 10lbs of fat. Of course, the results from a cycle depend on such factors as dosage, age, training intensity, and nutrition quality. 

HGH Benefits For Cartilage & Joints

It’s common for bodybuilders, strength athletes, and athletes of other sports to have joint problems. Joint discomfort can make training a very uncomfortable and unenjoyable experience. 

What are the HGH benefits for cartilage?

HGH speeds the rate of collagen and elastin synthesis. Since the joints consist mainly of collagen and elastin, HGH promotes joint repair and healing. Stronger, healthier joints mean better workout performance. 

Also, HGH (Human Growth Hormone) benefits bone density. What is bone density? According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the medical definition of bone density is: “the amount of mineral content per unit volume of bone”. Extremely low bone density is known as osteoporosis. This condition means your bones have become weak and fragile. HGH can improve the density of bone by increasing the level of collagen and osteocalcin (or, bone gamma-carboxy glutamic acid-containing protein, a non-collagen protein hormone in the bone.) Strong, healthy bones mean your body can support the weights you’re lifting. Not to mention, healthy bones are an important part of slowing the aging process. 

Human Growth Hormone Benefits Immune System Health & Function

HGH can also benefit the immune system. Immune cells have IGF receptors, which means they can be influenced by HGH. (8) 

There are several types of immune cells that HGH can impact: 

T-cells – This is a type of white blood cell that is a critically important component of the immune system. These cells mature in the thymus, a lymphoid organ that’s part of the immune system. As we begin to get older, the thymus atrophies and weakens. Human Growth Hormone benefits the thymus because it can help this important organ return to normal function. 

NK-cells – These cells are also known as natural killer cells. They have a role that’s similar to T-cells. HGH benefits NK-cells by supporting their effectiveness. 

B-cells – These cells mature in bone marrow and are a type of white blood cell. They help protect the body from illness. HGH supports immunoglobulin production which enhances the ability of B-cells to fight illness.

HGH Benefits & Anti-Aging

 In recent years, HGH has been touted as an effective anti-aging therapy. Certainly, Slyvester Stallone helped push the idea into the mainstream consciousness with “Rocky Balboa”, one of the seemingly endless Rocky sequels. Stallone was 60ish at the time of filming and was in incredible shape. Who knows what else he may have been taking, but his admission to using HGH pushed it into the limelight as a powerful anti-aging tool. Now, it’s a common therapy used for anti-aging. HGH can help slow down the negative effects and appearance of aging, so you not only feel younger, you look younger. (9)

Additional Human Growth Hormone Benefits

While it may seem that the HGH benefits reviewed so far are substantial, this impressive compound can do even more. Let’s take a look at the additional benefits of HGH:

HGH improves mental function. Research has suggested that HGH (Human Growth Hormone) benefits memory and cognition in older men and women. The results of a study conducted by Michael V. Vitiello, Ph.D., Robert S. Schwartz, MD, and Karen E. Moe showed substantial improvement in the ability to concentrate, the ability to memorize and recall information, as well as solve intellectual tasks. (10)

HGH improves the overall quality of sleep. Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial if you want to be productive and mentally alert the next day. Sleep is restorative, it enhances recovery and supports muscle growth. Many people suffer from various degrees of insomnia, HGH can help you achieve a consistently good night’s sleep. 

HGH improves the health and appearance of your skin. HGH can enhance the skin because it supports the synthesis of elastin and collagen. It also improves the skin’s elasticity. This helps the skin look younger and healthier. 

HGH improves cardiovascular health and function. One reason is that it increases the ability of the heart to pump blood. This is known as the cardiac index. Other measures include the stroke volume index, which is the heart’s capacity to excrete blood and left ventricular maximum, which shows the strength of the heart. Research suggests that HGH may improve cardiac function by both increased myocardial contractility and decreased peripheral vascular resistance in heart failure. Additionally, HGH lowers cholesterol. Studies have shown that HGH reduces “bad” cholesterol by as much as 7%. (11)

Finally, HGH supports healthy eyesight by improving visual perception, reducing the chance of retinal degeneration, preventing cataracts, and lowering the chances of glaucoma. 


As you can see, HGH can provide a wide range of impressive benefits. They go well beyond the obvious bodybuilding/sports benefits, making HGH a powerful compound that can improve your overall quality of life. There’s no reason not to take advantage of what HGH can do. Experience HGH for yourself and live your best life!


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