When buying HGH, you should always consider two main things about a potential source — its reliability and the authenticity of products it sells. The market of HGH is full of both scammers and low-grade products — and that’s why it is particularly important to find a reliable supplier, like us.

We want to offer you some proofs that you can trust, including reviews on bodybuilding forum, photos of our HGH kits, verification fibers, and screenshots of successful deliveries.

Bodybuilding Forums and Reviews

We are approved on big bodybuilding forum — SuperiorMuscle. You can visit threads about or (our old site) by this link — SuperiorMuscle.

In this post, you will find photos of Hygetropin we sell – WorldHGH experience. These photos were made by Bouncer, who is administrator on SuperiorMuscle and a very trusted person on the forum.

Here are some of the recent reviews about us:

Some of the reviews relate to our previous domain name –

  • Chadd77: “I received my tracking and a week and a half later my box of Alphatrop arrived. Worldhgh has amazingly quick to respond to all my emails/questions. Their customer service is top notch.”
  • jackbenimble: “Jut wanted to give a shout.
    Ordered some 30iu Nord pens on Monday, to my door in the US on Saturday.
    Great service and turn around!”
  • Crossfitter: “The eagle has landed! Each box has been checked and verified. Genuine Jintropin!”
  • BossHog508: “I’m a long time reader first time to post and the only reason I feel the need to post is bc these guys are the real deal! My order came within 10 days to the Usa and their support is top notch without doubt.”
  • Labron: “I received my Jin’s from these guys and they are genuine! I also wanted to add that the service from WorldHGH /Jintropin.US was superb!! He processed my order before my wire even went through! It arrived in exactly 7days! Definitely will be my go to on my next order!”
  • Bouncer: “Arrived today, super fast service. Thanks guys! ”

You can check much more reviews on the forum yourself —

Lab Tests

Our products are of high quality. All the products have received good tests results according to the results of an independent analysis in a laboratory. The purity of all our HGH is not less than 97%, and for some products, it is as high as 99.93%. You can learn more about the lab tests and verify them using the relevant page on our site.

Verification Fibers & Security Stickers

We sell only genuine products. Below you can see photo of security sticker of Jintropin. You can check it on the official website and find it is genuine —



Blood Tests

Here are blood tests passed by our customers who used Jintropin (33,5 ng/ml, 29,2 ng/ml) and Hygetropin (39,7 ng/ml, 20,5 ng/ml)

Screenshots of Successful Deliveries

Below, you will find screenshots from the USPS tracking system showing that we really send items to customers and they receive them successfully.

1. United States


2. United Kingdom

3. Other countries


From this info, you can conclude that is a reliable source to get genuine HGH of pharmaceutical grade and a trustworthy supplier. We look forward to hearing from you!