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    Here Are The Two Main Points You Should Consider When Buying HGH For Sale

    If you are thinking to buy HGH, there are two primary things you should consider:

    How To Avoid Being Scammed

    How To Find Premium Quality injectable HGH

    Of course, you want to buy a high-quality product that will help you achieve your goals. We understand and we guarantee every product we sell. Click on our “guarantees” link to find links to review pages, tracking codes, product security codes, lab test results, and other proofs of reliability. Check us out!


    hgh for sale results

    Why You Should Choose!

    Take a look at the following reasons to shop and you’ll discover that is the best place to buy HGH injections in 2021

    The Best Prices on high-quality HGH injections

    Our prices are the lowest you will find anywhere. Our prices for top-selling products such as Jintropin, Ansomone, Norditropin, and Zptropin can’t be beat. Look anywhere and you’ll find that the average market price is 30% higher than for these HGH injections brands. has the best prices!

    A Trusted Source With Positive Reviews has been in business since 2016. The reviews for these products and the services we provide are overwhelmingly positive. Take a look and see what our customers are saying:

    You can also check the independent reviews about us on EROIDS

    And on Trustpilot

    How To Choose HGH brand in 2021? Criterias

    The variety of brands of HGH may be confusing to inexperienced buyers. Below are the main points you need to know when looking for premium quality human growth hormone injections HGH brands
    how to choose hgh for sale

    Country of Origin

    This is the primary factor to consider looking to buy HGH. This is because injectable HGH production requires advanced and expensive equipment to produce, and there are not that many factories that have the necessary manufacturing capacity. Any quality injectable HGH product should have easily available website information so you can research the manufacturer, see certificates, verify your kit, and stay on top of any relevant news. Two excellent examples of reputable companies are GenSci, the maker of Jintropin, and AnkeBio, the maker of Ansomone. On either of their websites, among other things, customers can verify their kits and see how HGH production looks like

    Verification System

    All of the benefits of genuine HGH means nothing if you purchased a fake kit. Unfortunately, that can be common when shopping online. For this reason, reputable growth hormone manufacturers now supply kits with
    anti-counterfeit elements to prevent fakes. A good example of this is GenSci, the maker of Jintropin. As a verification measure, they put a sticker that has a security code under a scratch field with implanted fibers. After typing the code on the GenSci website, you will see an image of how the fibers are situated on the original kit. You then compare it with yours. When shopping for HGH, always seek a verification feature.


    If you’re looking at this page, you’re probably looking for HGH to gain lean muscle mass, get anti-aging benefits and perhaps lose excess body fat. These are serious goals that require high doses of HGH for the best possible results. This can become expensive and this is the reason why the price is a very important consideration when choosing growth hormone brand. Prices for HGH can range from as little as $100 (generic tops) to as much as $1500 per 100 IU (from a local pharmacy). It’s a little confusing because you could be paying 10 times as much for basically the same thing. The important thing to remember is how the price of HGH is decided. There are 3 main things that decide the price: manufacturing expenses, distribution, and quality.


    If you Google-search a human growth hormone brand name you will find reviews on various bodybuilding forums as well as other bodybuilding communities. This is where you can read about the experiences of real people just like yourself. Some products like Jintropin have an excellent reputation, while others, such as Kigtropin, have mixed reviews. Positive reviews should always be one of your purchase considerations.

    What Are The Differences Between Western & Chinese Brands

    Human growth hormone brands can be divided into Western brands and Chinese (or, Eastern) brands.
    western hgh brands for sale

    Western brands are of high quality but cost more than the Chinese brands. One reason for this is higher manufacturing costs. Things like labor, rent, etc, costs a lot more in Western countries and that extra cost is passed on to the consumer. Another reason for higher prices is the markup by pharmacies. Popular Western brands include Genotropin, Saizen, Humatrope, and Norditropin

    chinese hgh brands

    Chinese brands are a good alternative to Western brands because they cost less to produce, yet the quality is just as good. The more popular Chinese brands include Jintropin, Ansomone, Hygetropin, and Zptropin. Another advantage of these brands is that they have an anti-counterfeit system that makes them hard to fake. Unfortunately, the same is not true of many of the Western brands. It should be no surprise that when it comes to HGH injections, Chinese pharmaceutical companies are the primary competitor of Western companies.

    Two of the best Chinese brands – Jintropin and Ansomone – are available in our shop. They are a great choice considering all the factors above. Here’s a recap of the advantages:

    • They are produced by officially certified factories
    • They have gained the trust of the bodybuilding community
    • They have a strong verification system
    • They have a great price ($190-280/100 IU).

    Brief Review Of Best HGH for sale Brands in 2021

    Jintropin hgh for sale


    This is one of our top-selling brands. However, there are some things you should know about this product. First of all, the only genuine Jintropin has Russian and Ukrainian literature on the package. It is made for export and is distributed by the Europharm company in Russian and Ukrainian pharmacies. This is the form of Jintropin we sell and you can rest assured, it is 100 % legit with all the verification elements. Fake Jintropin HGH kits have Chinese literature on it, or in other words, it appears to be domestically-made Jintropin. This type of kit is sold only in Chinese pharmacies and is strictly controlled and forbidden for export. Because of this, 95% of all kits with Chinese writing are fake and will not pass verification on the GenSci website, so you won’t get your money back or legit high quality HGH products. Each kit of GenSci HGH products has a sticker with a security number under a scratch field. You can verify it here: After that, you will see an image of implanted fibers placement. They should coincide with the fibers on your kit.

    hgh for sale Ansomone 100 IU


    Ansomone used to be a 192 amino acid sequence (somatrem) but since 2008, it has been changed to 191 amino acid (somatropin). It is now considered to be one of the best HGH injections brands. The Kit includes a leaflet, 10 small carton packs with vials and water for injections, and a diamond cutter to open the ampoules. For verification, Ansomone has several holograms where unique codes are situated. You can verify it here:

    Hygetropin hgh for sale 100 IU


    Hygetropin was first produced in 2001 by Zhongshan BioPharm. Hygetropin has a good reputation and is one of the more popular HGH products in the bodybuilding community. Two reasons for this are its quality and reasonably low price, so Hygetropin is one of the best HGH injections brands in terms of price/value.
    The Kit has a serial number under the scratch field. You can verify it here:

    zptropin hgh for sale


    Zptropin is one of the most popular and best HGH injections brands. It’s also one of the most effective. This brand of synthetic quality HGH injections was first produced in 2009 by Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical.

    Norditropin hgh brand for sale 30 IU


    This is a high-quality 191 amino acids synthetic human growth hormone (HGH) and is guaranteed by Novo Nordisk. This company is headquartered in Denmark and is considered one of the leaders on the HGH therapy market. Norditropin is a little more expensive than other HGH injections because of its quality and ease of use. You will find it cheaper on our site than in pharmacies, and the quality is the same because we buy the product from producers in mass quantities.
    It’s the most popular HGH injections brand in our shop – customers love it’s ability to increase muscle mass, decrease body fat and give anti aging benefits

    Omnitrope pen HGH for sale


    This is a high quality, popular HGH produced by Sandoz Biopharmaceuticals. Sandoz is a division of Novartis International AG, a Swiss multinational pharmaceutical company based in Basel, Switzerland.

    Qitrope hgh kit for sale


    This brand of human growth hormone injections is manufactured by Qijian Bio-Pharmaceutical company, one of China’s leading pharmaceutical companies. Qijian was established in 2005

    hgh for sale

    Somatropin 191aa

    This popular HGH injections brand is manufactured by Somabiotech, a leading pharmaceutical company.

    Spectros hgh for sale in USA


    This is a popular somatropin brand manufactured by Spectrum Pharma. The company was founded on August 21, 2009.

    Western brands include:


    This is manufactured in Belgium by a division of Pfizer and is a popular brand used by competitive bodybuilders.


    This is manufactured in the USA by Eli Lilly & Company. This is also a popular brand of HGH for sale.


    This is manufactured in Denmark by Novo Nordisk, a leading HGH manufacturer.


    This is manufactured in Switzerland by Merck Serono. This brand is becoming more popular among bodybuilders.

    What Is Human Growth Hormone HGH?

    what is hgh how hgh is produced

    Somatropin is also known as HGH. It is a protein hormone that consists of 191 amino acids. HGH is produced and secreted by somatotropic cells in the anterior pituitary gland. Naturally, the body produces human growth hormone and the process is controlled by feedback mechanisms in response to factors that include sleep, nutrition, stress, and exercise. As human growth hormone is released in response to these factors, body produces growth hormone every 3-5 hours. As much as 70% of HGH levels that’s secreted in 24 hours is secreted at night from about 11 pm to about 2 am. (1, 2, 3)
    Maintaining proper natural growth hormone levels is crucial for maintaining lean body mass, immune system, energy levels. Taking HGH will help with muscle building as well as weight loss

    Is HGH Different From Steroids?

    There’s no doubt that both HGH and steroids have strong anabolic properties. However, it is important to note that HGH is not a steroid. Not even close. This is because steroids are variations of the male hormone testosterone (cycloalkane structure) while somatropin is a protein hormone (peptide 191 amino acids structure). Both steroids and HGH bind to different receptors and have different mechanisms of action. Also, any potential side effects are different. Sometimes they may be opposite to each other. As an example, steroids can have negative effects on the skin, energy levels, and hair, while HGH can positively impact the organism as well as providing more lean muscle mass and less body fat.

    Get started with our wide selection of best HGH brands
    check out hgh for sale products


    Taking HGH is restricted if you suffer from any of the following:
    Diabetes and pre-diabetes

    After an HGH injection, blood sugar levels switch the body’s preferred source of energy from carbohydrates to fat. For this reason, growth hormone is not recommended for people with diabetic conditions.


    Since human growth hormone can accelerate the growth of cells, it cannot be used by people with cancer or those who may have had cancer in the past.

    HGH Benefits - Why high HGH levels lead to better body composition and energy levels?

    hgh for sale for muscle growth

    Build Muscle

    The main function of human growth hormone is to stimulate overall muscle growth aka muscle building. If you want to gain lean muscle, HGH therapy is the best choice. Two ways HGH stimulates muscle building is by stimulating protein synthesis, and by promoting the division of muscle cells. This is known as hyperplasia of skeletal muscle cells. Once a muscle cell reaches a certain size, HGH causes it to split into two smaller cells. Basically, this pushes your genetics to the limit.

    hgh burns fat

    Lose Fat

    HGH also promotes fat loss. High human growth hormone levels induce the body to use stored fat as energy as well as stimulating the metabolism. This makes it ideal for weight loss and losing body fat

    hgh for anti-aging

    You Can Have The Best Of Both Worlds

    Every bodybuilder dreams of building muscle and losing fat at the same time. HGH therapy turns those dreams about improving body composition into reality, making it a great choice for competitive bodybuilders, models, actors, or anyone trying to be in top shape. Also, better immune system, physical stamina and sex drive come as a bonus of HGH therapy

    hgh provides permanent results

    Permanent Results

    It gets better because unlike steroids, human growth hormone results in body fat and muscle mass are permanent. You will not lose 50% of your gains at the end of a cycle as you do with steroids.

    hgh injections for sale for joints and skin

    It Supports Cartilage Health

    Taking HGH speeds up amino acids production and thus collagen and elastin synthesis. This promotes healthy joints and ligaments as well as helping to prevent injuries. High HGH levels = robust bones

    what are hgh for sale side effects

    Mild Side Effects

    Synthetic human growth hormone is considered to be a bodybuilding/athletic drug because it does not cause strong side effects like steroids can. Some of the more common side effects caused by HGH use include fluid retention, carpal tunnel syndrome, and injection site reactions.

    How to take HGH - measuring the dosage?

    HGH Dosage should be based on your goals: do you want to build muscle, lose weight or just take HGH for well-being - to get better energy levels, sex drive
    To build muscle and for bodybuilding in general

    4-8 IU/day for 4-6 months.
    For fat loss and improving body composition

    2-4 IU/day
    For anti-aging and cosmetic purposes, improved sex drive, energy levels,

    1-3 UI/day

    Mechanism Of Action

    HGH injections are the same as natural growth hormone. After HGH is injected, it will enter the bloodstream and concentrate in the liver. From there it converts into IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor). It’s through this conversion that HGH promotes most of its positive effects. (4)

    How to get started - Choosing Dosing Protocol

    The following suggested dosing protocol is currently accepted among many HGH users provides the best human growth hormone results:
    hgh for sale 1-3IU/day

    1-3 IUs – This dose is good for anti aging and general quality of life improvement.

    hgh for sale 2-4IU/day

    2-4 IUs – This dose is good for anyone looking for a “bodybuilding” effect. You can expect good gains in lean muscle mass as well as impressive fat loss.

    hgh injections for sale 4-8 IU

    4-8 IUs – This level is at the high end for serious gains in lean muscle as well as considerable fat loss.

    Growth hormone Cycle Length

    There’s primarily two types of human growth hormone cycles used:
    short cycle of hgh for sale
    Short cycles of 1-2 months will support skin regeneration, cartilage synthesis, joint health, more energy and better body composition
    long hgh cycle
    Long cycles of 4-6 months are optimal, followed by an off-cycle of similar length. This is a typical bodybuilding dosage. You will see many HGH benefits after using HGH this long.
    Long cycles are good for anti aging as well

    Best HGH Protocol - Frequency Of Use (ED, EOD, 5/2)

    The typical frequency for taking injectable HGH is:
    hgh for sale frequency of use

    ED (every day) – This frequency is common because it provides consistent HGH levels. This is the best choice for bodybuilding but it is expensive.

    5/2 protocol of HGH usage

    EOD (every other day) – This is a better choice for more budget-conscious users but should be used with a longer cycle of growth hormone for best results.

    hgh injections for sale

    5/2 – This approach is a good choice for people that use HGH long-term as a part of HGH therapy or human growth hormone replacement therapy – meaning using HGH for several years at a time. Two days of rest per week help prevent side effects.

    HGH Injections - How To 2021 Guide

    • Take the top out of a vial.
    • Wipe the rubber cap with alcohol.
    • Take an insulin syringe and pull 1 ml of water (or, a full syringe) into it. Also, depending on your dosage you can pull 0.5-2 ml. This will help ensure a more efficient growth hormone injection.
    • Push the needle through the cap on the vial and slowly push the plunger down.
    • Take the plunger out of the syringe to reduce the vacuum. Don't allow water to pull back. Then take the syringe out of the vial.
    • Wait for the somatropin powder to completely dissolve.
    • Put the vial in the refrigerator and store it at a temperature between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius.
    how to mix hgh for sale to use

    Get started with HGH - how to stack HGH with other compounds

    The typical combinations of HGH injections are
    HGH Injections and Steroids
    There are no special cycles of growth hormone with steroids. Just take growth hormone to your desired HGH level of current cycle. If your goal is to get as lean as possible, you should use it with steroids known for their fat-burning effects, such as Anavar or Winstrol. Also, you should consider that many HGH benefits are an effective addition to a steroid bulking cycle because your gains will be lean.
    HGH and Insulin
    The combination of using HGH and insulin is best reserved for experienced users. Insulin is a dangerous drug and incorrect use can be harmful. Also, insulin may be required if your dosage is higher than 8 IU to prevent pancreas suppression.

    Potential Side Effects

    hgh for sale may cause swelling

    Issues At The Injection Site

    You may experience redness and spots at the HGH injection site. This may be caused by bad solvents or needles that are either too long or too short. Also, other causes may be inappropriate hygiene and most frequently, a unique immune reaction to exogenous human growth hormones. Sometimes, it may be caused by one of the additional substances in a vial – mannitol or natriumchloride.
    carpal tunnel from hgh for sale

    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

    You may experience tingling in your fingers and wrists. This may be caused by fluid retention in the wrists that press on the median nerve. Interestingly, this feeling is considered to be one out of HGH quality signs
    hgh for sale fluid retention

    Excess Fluid Retention

    Excess fluid is mainly retained in the toes, fingers, and sometimes the face. The best way to reduce this effect is to try and consume more water. You can also drink natural diuretics like dandelion tea or green tea.
    hgh for sale effect on pancreas

    Effect On The Pancreas

    High Human growth hormone levels increase blood sugar, and on long cycles, at higher doses, it may lead to problems with the pancreas. To prevent this side effect, do not exceed a dosage of 8 IU/day without exogenous insulin. Also, you should take metformin as an addition to the cycle.
    hgh and thyroid hormones

    Effect On The Thyroid Gland

    This side effect is rare and occurs only at higher human growth hormones dosages, such as 8-10 IU or higher

    Potential Side Effects Caused By Excessive Use of HGH Injections

    HGH Gut

    This has become a common yet controversial problem among pro bodybuilders. Along with the extreme increase in muscle size starting with guys like Dorian Yates, and moving into today’s huge pro bodybuilders, there has been an increase in the size of these guys' bellies. We’re talking about guys looking pregnant on stage. Some say it's caused by extreme dosing on growth hormones over extended periods. Still others attempt to pass it off as a diet too high in carbs. For many, it’s a little hard to believe it’s diet-related. Even so, not everyone agrees what causes it, but the problem of “HGH gut” is a serious dilemma that pro bodybuilders need to solve if they want to see the sport move forward.

    Abnormal Bone Growth

    Yet another side effect chalked up to excessive HGH use is the abnormal growth of bones. You may have seen some pro bodybuilders over the years that have had seemingly abnormal-jaw bones or brows, and still others with extended elbow bones.

    Myth or Reality? Myths and facts about HGH - updated in 2021

    hgh myth and reality

    Hair Loss

    This is widely considered to be a myth and pertains more to steroid use. In reality, human growth hormones support healthy hair.


    This is a steroid-related issue. HGH does not cause acne.


    HGH promotes a healthy sex drive. Poor libido is yet another steroid-related problem.

    Natural HGH Suppression

    Unlike steroids, which suppress natural testosterone production, exogenous human growth hormones do not have long term effects on the body’s natural production. Within 48-72 hours after your last HGH injection, your natural HGH level will return to a normal range.

    The Truth About HGH Supplements (GenF20 Plus, HGH x2 and others) Should you be taking HGH pills, sprays and patches in 2021?

    HGH Supplements such as GenF20 Plus or HGH x2 that promise to increase the body’s natural HGH levels may work, but chances are it will not be enough of an effect to make a meaningful difference on HGH levels. Here’s why:
    A real molecule of human growth hormone is too large to be absorbed through the skin by the use of patches or sprays (mucous tissue).
    HGH pills or capsules is a waste of money. This is because peptide bonds of growth hormone don’t make it past the stomach they are destroyed in the stomach to amino acids primarily l arginine.
    As noted above, many so-called natural HGH supplements with natural ingredients contain a cheap complex of amino acids like l arginine and ornithine and other HGH boosters like mucuna pruriens or maca root. Yes, they may stimulate your body’s natural HGH production. However, even if they do, the amount of l arginine you get from GenF20 Plus, HGH x2 and similar HGH boosters will be too small to produce any meaningful results.
    The markup on products such HGH pills, HGH booster, patches (GenF20 Plus or HGH x2) etc can be extreme. Often, the real price of the natural ingredients (l arginine, maca root, mucuna pruriens) may be as much as 10 times lower than the manufacturer suggested retail price on these HGH supplements

    The bottom line is, Buyer Beware! Please be aware of these issues and do not waste your money, time, and hopes on “natural ingredients” in HGH supplements that promise the world yet fail to deliver. As you can see, injectable HGH from is the safest, most trustworthy place to order real, effective high quality HGH. We have the best prices and the best reputation. Why shop anywhere else? let’s get started

    1. Normal Physiology of Growth Hormone and Insulin-Like Growth Factors in Childhood , Cecillia Camacho-Hubner, MD, Dept of Endocrinology, St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, London EC1A 7BE, UK



    4. Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology, p 604