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First of all, you are interested why you can trust us and what are guarantees we are not scammers

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JINTROPIN – 280 $ FOR 100 IUs

Jintropin – № 1 HGH brand

Buy Jintropin – it is the most popular HGH brand in the world.


Because Jintropin possesses the highest quality for the low price. Since its appearing in 1997, it rapidly became № 1 HGH brand.

Jintropin – high quality HGH

  • Government production control. Jintropin has been manufactured by big Chinese company Gene Science (GenSci) since 1997. Chinese state possesses 50 % of GeneSci and controls the quality of Jintopin HGH.
  • GMP FDA standard. Jintopin obtained GMP FDA standard, the guarantee for its efficacy and safety. This certification is the most trusted mark of quality and represent Jintropin has the same quality as Seizen, Norditropin, Genotropin and Western brands, which posses GMP too.
  • High purity – 98 %. GenSci Jintropin is manufactured on modern facilities, which allow to reduce bacterial residues and obtain high-purity product, which is identical to human pituitary HGH.
  • Reputation. Jintropin HGH has deserved an excellent reputation among users. It is used by famous people – Madonna, Silvester Stallone and many sportsmen.
  • Certified for sale in pharmacies in 7 countries
  • Strong security system. Sticker with unique fibers and codes, which can be checked on the official website are impossible to forge. However, to protect yourself from fake, read the Paragraph “Genuine and fake Jintropin».


Jintropin benefits

  • You will become ripped without a diet, gaining muscles at the same time.
  • Intensive burn of belly fat, so you can see 6 packs.
  • You will gain lean muscle mass.
  • Increase strength.
  • Your joints will become comfortable and pain will be reduced.
  • Your overall feeling will be better
  • Skin and hair will be improved.

Get genuine Jintropin for sale in our shop.

Why you should choose us to buy Jintropin?

  • You will get excellent genuine Jintropin. The same high quality as “Old Jintropin» possessed.
  • The best price on the market – just 280 dollars for 100 IUs.
  • Fast 7 days shipping (30 dollars)
  • Ordering 3 and more kits  you will get free shipping
  • FREE consultations during your HGH cycle
  • Your questions will be answered within 12 hours.

Jintropin reviews

People reports about Jintropin are mostly positive, however some people complain it is hard to buy Jintropin and write about bad experience with so-called JIntropin replica, HGH of unknown origin.

Most of bodybuilders notice nice results with mild side effects. It says about high purity and excellent quality of it.

What is the real price of Jintropin?

Since Jintropin returning in 2007, the only distributor of it is British company Europharm. It buys Jintropin exactly from the factory for just 90 $ for 100 IUs, pack it and then deliver to countries, where it is certified. There Wholesale Jintropin price is 200-220 dollars for 100 IUs, depending on the volume.

From this moment Jintropin price starts to rise with the amount of sellers, who participate in the delivery to the customer. That is why, the price of Jintropin varies very much in different places.

Often, after this chain of transmissions, if storage conditions aren’t kept, Jintropin is destroyed by the high temperature.

Our shop gets Jintropin from a big wholesaler, so you can be sure in its quality and proper storage conditions. Also, it allows us to keep the price low.

Genuine and fake Jintropin

Currently, two types of Jintropin are available – Jintropin replica (with Chinese hyeroghyphs), genuine Jintropin Europharm (with Russian or Ukrainian letters)

Jintopin replica 

buy jintropin

Domestic Chinese Jintropin – mostly fake

It is often sold in online shops as legit Jintropin for Chinese domestic usage. However, it is almost impossible to buy Jintropin in China, unless you have a child with Growth hormone deficiency. That is why, the 95 % of hyerogliphic Jintropin is fake, containing 2-4 IUs instead of 10 or don’t contain HGH at all. The replica is made in underground labs and then is sold using Jintropin label and reputation.

Dont buy Jintropin in this package. 

Buy Jintropin Europharm 

This product is the only genuine JIntropin is available now. It is distributed by the only Distributor of Jintropin HGH – British company Europharm.  

Buy Jintropin only in this type of package

How to identify Jintropin?

  • There are two kinds of Jintropin kits – 10 IUs (with yellow caps and orange ribbon on the package) and 4 IUs with green.
  • In the front of the kit is a special sticker with unique fibers. When you check the package on the official website, you will see fibers situation on the screen and compare with yours.                                        Buy Jintropin - verification Buy Jintropin genuine code
  • On the sticker you can find something life scratch line. After you clean it, you will see the unique code of your JIntropin.
  • Inside the kit you will see vials with HGH powder, ampuls with bacteriostatic water and sometimes insulin syringes (sometimes aren’t included, depends on the type of package)

How to check Jintropin? 

You can check your Jintopin on this link.


After typing the code, you will get the image of fibers, which have to coincide the fibers on your kit.


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