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 Every customer wants to buy the best product for good price. HGH is not an exception. Before buying HGH you should consider who major things – is the product genuine and high-quality produced and how not be scammed when looking for HGH for sale. We propose you to real our GUARANTEES

HGH for sale

HGH for sale

Why should you choose WorldHGH.com as your source of HGH for sale? We have a lot of reasons! Let’s take a look at them.

  1. Pharma grade HGH. On our website you can buy three brands of HGH – Jintropin Ansomone and Hygetropin. All of them are fully authentic and certified by the manufacturer in China. Jintropin and Hygetropin are also certified for Russian and Ukrainian pharmacies.
  2. Trusted source. There is huge risk to buy fake HGH product. We propose only genuine one. Our site WorldHGH are presented on two big bodybuilding forms with huge audience – brotherhoodofpain and superiormuscle. Read about us here – brotherhoodofpain.com and superiormuscle.com.
  3. You won’t find fake product in our online shop. Each kit of our brands is certified. You can check with security code on your kit. Find it on the official website of the manufacturer.
  4. More than 2 years of excellent history. We have been working since 2015.
  5. Lab tests. You can check them here.

Jintropin – Gensci-china.com

Ansomone – ankebio.com

Besides this, each piece of our product has holograms and security sticker.

  1. Great price. There is no need to pay more if you can buy high-quality genuine HGH for such prices! Our product is produced in China where the manufacturing expenses are much lower. Yet the quality is the same as in Western product. It is very relevant for bodybuilders who needs high dosages of HGH. They don’t need to pay 600-800 $ for 100 IU of Genotropin, while we propose the opportunity to buy the same quality from 190 $/100 IU.
  2. Perfrect storage conditions. Our product is contained with using of liophilisation technology (freeze-drying) and vials are vacuum-packed. That gives us the opportunity to store it up to 14 days outside the fridge. But we will ship it much faster, don’t worry!
  3. Express delivery – 7 days for 30 $. Your product will be delivered in 7-10 days, so the quality would be just like in the new one.
  4. We ship to each country of the world (except Australia)
  5. FREE SHIPPING on 3+ kits. If you order 3 items and more, your order will be shipped for free.
  6. Discreet packaging. We never mention pharmaceutical content inside out packages of HGH for sale. That’s why we have virtually NO experience of seizure in the US and UK.
  7. We will reship in case of seizure. Despite the very low chances of seizure we will reship you your order if it happens.

Note. We reship only to the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, and Greece

Nevertheless, we can try make your order more discreet. For example, send HGH without a kit and provide you with photos of it so you can check your verification code. Contact us, and we will discuss your case separately.

If you want to buy a couple of kits or you work as a reseller. Here are our bulk propositions.

500 IU – 10 $ discount on each 100 IU.

1000 IU – 20 $ discount.

1500 IU – 30 $ discount.

Don’t worry about higher risks of seizure. We will send it separately.

If you have ordered 20 HGH kits you will have 20$ discount for your next purchase. It will even work with 1 kit.

The fastest customer support. You are welcome to ask any questions. We think consultation and good support of a professional are very important for good service. You can reach us from 2 AM to 5 PM (NY time) and your question will be answered within 20 minutes! Contact us here.

HGH for sale. How to choose the best brand?

Before you decide to buy HGH, you should choose which brand you would like to take. Don’t know yet? Here are some factors you should consider.

  1. Reviews and popularity. There is no better way of understanding “pros and cons” of the product than consumers reviews and comments. We recommend you check reviews on them on forums and specialized websites.
  2. Origin of the product. The first step when you want to buy HGH is understanding the origin of its product. In such sphere as medicines buying unknown fake product could lead to very bad consequences. if you can’t find any info about manufacturer address, official website, certification or how the production process looks like – this HGH is fake.

HGH for sale HGH for sale

Producing of HGH requires expensive facilities so don’t expect useful and not harming HGH product without official certification.

Security system. Scammers can use the famous Chinese brands to name their products. Still just name doesn’t mean it is authentic. Always check security codes of your order. Each kit in our online shop has its own security system with unique code and hologram.HGH for sale

If you are a bodybuilder, you probably know how expensive it is to buy HGH when taking high dosages (5-10 IU/day,). That’s why price should be an important factor for you.

Prices on HGH ranges from 100 to 1000$ for 100 IU. So it is really difficult to find good correlation of price and quality. There are two things  which influence a price the most – country of origin and the way of distribution. One of the main reasons of high prices of HGH in Western countries is manufacturing expenses. Also monopoly of selling there increases the price.

Chinese brands are 3-4 times cheaper but the quality is the same. You can buy Chinese pharmaceutical grade and certified growth HGH for sale much cheaper.

What are the best brands of HGH for sale?

Here is our answer – Chinese (Jintropin, Ansomone and Hygetropin). We have very strong arguments to show you.

  1. They are officially manufactured on large pharmaceutical factories with long history.

Jintropin is made by GenSci. This compamy was established in 1996 and now is the largest Chinese pharmaceutical company.

Ansomone is produced by AnkeBio which was created in 1994. All company products have modern security system and certification.

Hygetropin is manufactured by Hygene Biopharm. Since 1994 it provides its clients with high-quality product with modern equipment.

HGH manufacturing is controlled by the government of China, so the quality of it is very high.

  1. Popularity and history.

All our HGH for sale have been available on the market for more than 10 years! Jintropin is produced from 1998, Hygetropin – from 2001 and Ansomone kit was manufactured in 2005. That makes them one of the most famous in their sphere.All of them are well-known brands with good reputation and reviews. Jintropin is the most famous among them. A lot of celebrities such as Sylvester Stallone on Madonna use it for healing purposes.


HGH for sale

HGH for sale




3. GMP certification.

This certification is known as the most famous and trusted one in the sphere of medicine certification. Huge western HGH for sale brands have it (Norditropin, Humatrope, Saizen). Our brands also have them!

  1. Perfect price. Good price is a crucial part of our company policy. Our motto — “Excellent, cheap, yours” — reflects it in full capacity! Our products vary in prices from 190 to 290 $/100 IU, so everyone can get HGH for sale that fits his wallet.
  2. You can verify its authenticity on your own! There is a huge chance to buy a fake product if it doesn’t have security system. In our online shop, each kit has it. You can check it on the official website of the producer.

   Anti-counterfeit system. How it works?



HGH for sale

Jinropin is a very famous HGH brand which leads to a huge amount of its fakes. To identify real Jinropin you should know one simple fact. Producer of Jinropin — GenSci company — sells it abroad only to one wholesaler company – Europharm (with Russian letters on a kit).

So, if you meet Jintropin with Chinese hieroglyphs is FAKE in 90 % of cases. Domestic Jintropin produces only for China and isn’t selling abroad.

However, Jintropin distributed by Europharm is specially made for international market – Russia, Ukraine and some other Western European countries. You can buy HGH in our site directly from Ukraine and Russia.

How can I verify Jintropin?

Each kit of Jintropin has its own security sticker with unique implanted fibers. Besides this, there is a scratch field on the sticker, under which you can find unique security code of this kit.

Look at and write down the code on the official website to check its authenticity.


Here is the link:




HGH for sale

Ansomone is also has its own security system. It has a

sticker on the front of a kit, and 2 holograms – on the top and on the bottom.

Check the security code under holograms here.

website http://www.ankebio.com/english/ansomone.asp?third_id=4

Each kit contains 10 smaller carton packs with HGH vial, ampoule of bac water and instruction.

You can distinguish this Ansomone with its special plastic bag with a diamond cutter for opening ampoules with water for injections.


What is HGH? Why buy HGH?

  • Fat loss. HGH contains Somatropin – very powerful fat burner. It can even burn your fat effectively without a proper diet.
  • Lean gains. HGH allows to increase your muscles without doing the same with the fat. Actually, the unique bonus, which HGH for sale has, is a possibility to decrease fat and increase muscles weight in the same time.HGH for sale
  • Hyperplasia – division of muscle cells. This effect means division of your muscle cells. Each organist has its ceiling of muscles growth. HGH breaks it. Using new division of cells, it can open for you knew potential in growing your muscles. Two smaller cells give more result the just the big one alone.
  • Each sportsman is familiar with the threat of joints\ligaments\ cartilage trauma. Unfortunately, no one has insurance from this. HGH can help treat them. Somatotropin has the ability to accelerate synthesis of cartilage collagen.
  • Skin improvement. Collagen metabolism would help your skin be better and younger.
  • Mild side effects. Side effects which you might experience when you buy HGH are nothing in comparing with famous steroids. They are mild and insignificant. Yet we recommend you read our article on HGH to understand it better.
  • Permanent results. You would not lose your muscles result after the end of the cycle like with steroids. 80-90% of your muscles will be saved.

What results should I expect using HGH?

Surely you understand that there would be a spectrum of a future result when using HGH for sale. It depends on your training, nutrition, dosage, quantity of cycles, weight, ets.

Let’s find some average. 3 months of 507 IU/day dosage using would give you10 lbs of muscle mass and losing the same amount of fat.

It is not that much as steroid sellers would propose you but you should take into consideration long-term effect and fewer side effects.

What dosage of HGH for sale do you need?

To measure your dosage, you should firstly understand your purpose of consuming, weight, current shape and also financial capabilities.

Estimated dosing for different purposes

  • 1-3 IU – improvement of skin, anti-aging therapy, healing of traumas, hair and nails
  • 4-8 IU – bulking cycle and fat loss
  • 8-15 IU – for athletes with good experience

HGH – steroid or not?

No, it is not. There is a huge difference between the structure of steroid and HGH. Steroids are modifications of male sex hormone – testosterone. Chemical structure is cycloalkanic. Somatropin, on the other hand, contains amino acids connected with peptide bonds.

Nevertheless, both of them have anabolic activity. That means you can accelerate protein synthesis and, as a result, increase muscle gains when you buy HGH.

Why HGH pills, sprays and patches are a bad idea?

Our answer in three words – they are ineffective. And also, expensive, by the way.

Real somatropin can only be injected. In other case peptide bonds which are contained in it would be destroyed.

Injectable HGH for sale. Brief guide

There are a several ways to inject HGH for sale. The most common ones are those:

Intramusclular – 65 % bioavailability and 4,5 hours.

Subcutaneous – 80 % bioavailability and 3 hours of activity

We, as well as doctors, recommend you the second one. It is more preferential.

How to mix HGH?

  • Take out a top from a vial.
  • Wipe a rubber cap with alcohol.
  • Take an insulin syringe and pull 1 ml of water (full syringe) into it. IF you inject 10 IUs in one time, you can pull 0,5 ml to inject less
  • Push the needle through the cap on the vial and slowly push a plunger down.
  • Take the plunger out of the syringe to get rid of vacuum and don’t allow water to come back. Then take the syringe out of the vial.

Wait until the powder dissolves at all. Put it in the fridge and keep it there with 2-8 °C temperature

Is it safe to buy HGH?

Yes, it is safe. Nevertheless, there are some contraindications. Don’t use HGH if you have them.


  1. It can’t bring the disease, but HGH accelerates the development of the existing tumor.
  2. Increase blood sugar. Diabetes. HGH increases sugar level in the blood. If your organism can’t produce enough insulin to counter it, don’t use HGH. We recommend you to pass a blood test before you start using HGH for sale.

Side effects of HGH

Purity of the product affects side effects. Our products have the highest purity (97-98%)

  1. Fluid retention. HGH causes fluid retention. The level of it varies of the purity of the product.
  2. Suppression of pancreas. More sugar in blood makes pancreas work more to produce more insulin. So be careful with high dosages.
  3. Suppression of thyroid gland. Very unlikely and with really big dosages.
  4. Carpal tunnel syndrome.Chance to feel pain in wrists. The reason of it is more pressure on median nerve.
  5. Redness in injection site. Possible reaction of your immune system

Mythological and exaggerated effects ·

  • HGH gut (enlarging of internal organs).We discuss it in our bif article about side effects. Read it here.
  • Problems with libido, hair loss. This is a myth. We explained above that HGH is not a steroid and it even kelps your skin and hair.
  • Suppression of own HGH level. HGH usage doesn’t affect your natural HGH level in long term perspective.